26 December 2011

The Fall of Civilization

A dream, from February 2006.

I am teaching a class of college students. The wall behind me is lined with books on freestanding bookshelves. The class cries out in alarm. One stack of shelves begins to fall toward me. I turn to stop its fall. "I need some help here," I said. "I can't save western civilization by myself!" The students leave their seats and rush to stop the bookshelves in their fall.

11 December 2011

The Undiscovered

Do we create or discover? If a collection of all possibilities exists in the mind of God, then every human act of creation is a selection from that collection. To be a creator is to discover, to reach, a previously unreached, undiscovered, unrevealed area of the mind of God. All actualities and possibilities are eternally present to God. Some of them become present to us in creative work and discovery. Some become present in revelation. God creates out of nothing. We "create" out of what God makes available to us, out of what He allows us to discover. All actualities are revelations.