29 August 2014

More reality

 I neglected to mention another book, 'Scatter. Adapt, and Remember,' (whose author I forget), which describes the various apocalyptic calamities which can/will obliterate most life on Earth: ice, nuclear war, pandemic, asteroid collision, runaway warming, etc.. The author relates how life forms have survived past near-extinction events, and so proposes how we may survive the extinction to come. A charming little tome.


Lunch at Red Jade. My fortune reads, "An important discussion involving you will take place today." I chose to interpret the prophecy optimistically. Thus improved in mood, I took myself next door to Aardvark Books, where I bought Roger Penrose's irresistibly titled book, 'The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe.' All 1099 pages of it, for a mere $12, $.0109 per page. Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle's book 'Living in the New Consciousness' weighed in at 153 pages; $5. That works out to a hefty $.0326 per page! My New Consciousness will doubtlessly smooth my way on the Road to Reality, no matter the cost!

26 August 2014


Sunday morning's earthquake (at 3:20 AM) woke me up with a jolt (!). The building rattled, shook, swayed, cracked and groaned. It lasted 20 seconds or so. There were some injuries and serious damage at the epicenter, near Napa, but none here in the The City. One small item in my apartment tipped over, but otherwise nothing is out of place. So far, so good. Just a reminder that we really do live in earthquake country.

08 August 2014


On the M line this afternoon, a young man was knitting what appeared to be a scarf. He worked steadily, standing up, keeping his balance on a crowded, moving train.