29 July 2014


A young man walking past the Church Street Café wore a T-shirt which read, "Don't grow up! It's a trap!"

23 July 2014


In a parking lot at Stonestown appeared the red-white-and-blue Volkswagen bus about which I posted October 11 last year. Its driver was not the aged hippie of my imagination, but a younger man, 40-something. He was, however, appropriately hirsute, with very long black hair and a bushy black beard; he sported a baseball cap, and spectacles in a vintage style. And, like an aged hippie, he shopped at Trader Joe's.


Yesterday I took myself and a friend to the de Young, to look at the Modernism exhibition. I was happy to see a piece by Clyfford Still. I first encountered his works decades ago; they've held up well. They haven't turned into clichés, nor are they self-imitations.


The other day I heard the actor Mike Myers on television, say that "Fame is the industrial disease of creative people!" I'm reminded of something the actress Elizabeth Taylor is supposed to have said, that "Anyone who thinks it's fun to be famous should try it for twenty-four hours!"