24 January 2015


A few nights ago, I spent an agreeable early evening at Azucar Lounge, at 9th and Folsom in The City. The Day of the Dead décor makes for a unique ambience, and the drinks and snacks menus are interesting. The bar stools are very uncomfortable --- "leftovers from the Spanish Inquisition," someone said. The rest of the lounge more than makes up for them.

19 January 2015


This evening in The Castro, I observed a young man on a unicycle, pedaling confidently along the new wide sidewalks. I was reminded of an afternoon in Toronto, long ago in my taxi-driving days, when I watched from my cab a young fellow on a unicycle, pedaling up a hill while cradling another unicycle in his arms.


A beautifully restored 1968 Chevrolet Malibu is for sale in my neighborhood. Only $25000!!!