10 September 2015


This afternoon, as I was walking along Balboa toward Ocean Beach (on my way to Safeway on La Playa), my surfer neighbor approached, barefoot, in a wetsuit, and carrying his board. "Surf's up?" I queried, as we passed. "Big time!" he replied.

04 September 2015

A good life

Recently, I boarded a crowded 33 bus at 18th and Castro. I remarked to the young man who gave me his seat that "I'm always surprised when a young person offers me a seat. I routinely forget that I'm old!" "Well, you were walking slowly," he said. "I guess that's what old guys do!" I replied. We continued with a pleasant conversation about his childhood in Orange County and his career as a musician and artist and cyclist and coder and so on. I wished him a good life.