12 January 2016


A Christmas gift: M B Ingham's book 'Scotus for Dunces. An Introduction to the Subtle Doctor' (thanx, JH). For years, I've avoided 'For Dummies' books on the supposition that I'm not a dummy. But now, reality confronts me with John Duns Scotus, whom I read a little in my student days, and whom I know less about today. What I learned over lunch: Scotus is named for Duns, the town in Scotland where he was born. His name became a term of disapproval - 'dunce' - in later centuries. His writing was (is?) apparently too subtle for many people.


My local greengrocer remarked that the oranges I purchased this afternoon were "heirloom navels!" They must be; it says so on the black-and-gold sticky label. "You'll like them!" he said. I'll try one later.