24 April 2015


Early yesterday evening a very green airship sailed over The City, bearing an advertisement for Hendrick's Gin and a huge pair of eyes which reminded me of a whale. But according to various websites, I'm meant to think of a cucumber. It is said that cucumber goes well with gin.

Momi Toby's

Sandwich and iced tea at Momi Toby's Revolution Café Art Bar, on Laguna at Linden Lane. This byway of Hayes Valley is as yet unwrecked by demographic change and the devastations of the condo craze. And the art, Michael Goldman's 'San Francisco Urban Pictograms' is fun.


As an old lady boarded a bus, the driver, who evidently knew her, queried, "And how are you today?" "Just fine," said the old lady; "it's another day in paradise!"

L'Elisir d'Amore

A few nights ago, I took myself to the Conservatory, for a performance of Donizetti's 'L'Elisir d'Amore.' Although the Concert Hall wasn't designed with opera in mind, the staging worked well, complete with a narrow runway along the front and one side of the orchestra pit. In several scenes, singers entered and exited along the runway. Since I was in the third row, singers were often only a few feet away; it was instructive to see how hard the singers were working, and to hear how powerful their voices really were. The costumes were 'American Great Plains' circa 1940; I was reminded of the musical 'Oklahoma.' The running translation was unobtrusively projected onto the silhouette of a barn, at the left rear of the stage. The most impressive singer, of an impressive cast, was the tenor, Mario Rojas. He will have a great career.

04 April 2015


A few nights ago, as I boarded a 5 Fulton bus, the driver said, "The front seats are for seniors. Please give up your seats for seniors!" A lady promptly departed the seat closest to the front door, a seat which I occupied. A moment later, the driver called to the lady who had vacated the seat, and rewarded her with a lollipop! Throughout the run, the driver advised each passenger to "watch your step" when alighting.